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The Sun Baker

Sun Baker Edition Tote Bag (34 x 36cm)

Sun Baker Edition Tote Bag (34 x 36cm)

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Sun Baker Edition Tote Bag – a seamless blend of innovation and artistic brilliance! Crafted by our talented Singaporean UX virtuoso, Elizabeth See, the visionary mind behind the original Sun Baker box design. Now, join us on a visual journey as Elza, our creative maestro, transforms Elizabeth's captivating box art into a portable masterpiece.

Size: 34 x 36 cm

Versatile Companionship:

  • Grocery Shopping: Bid farewell to plastic bags! Embrace sustainability with this chic tote, a stylish companion for your grocery haul.

  • Workout Buddy: Fit all your gym essentials with ease. From water bottles to towels, this tote is your stylish workout companion.

  • Beach Day: Heading for a day by the sea? This spacious tote accommodates your sunscreen, sunglasses, and beach reads effortlessly.

  • Weekend Getaway: Pack your weekend essentials and hit the road in style. Whether it's a short trip or a spontaneous adventure, this tote has got you covered.

  • Lunch Date: Elevate your midday break by bringing your own lunch in a reusable container. Ditch the disposables, and let this tote add a touch of sophistication to your lunchtime routine.

Carry a piece of Sun Baker's artistic evolution with you wherever you go. The Sun Baker Edition Tote Bag – where Elizabeth's design meets Elza's craftsmanship for a sustainable, stylish statement. Grab yours now and make every outing a showcase of local talent and eco-conscious fashion!

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What is the Shelf life of our Sunshine Pastries?

Normal Shelf life 6 to 8 weeks.

The normal shelf life for dry biscuit with main ingredient of flour and butter with dry content such as our Sunshine Pastries with no raw egg ingredient can have a shelf life for several week to a few months when store properly (under cool normal temperature, not directly expose to heat & sunlight) Best to be refrigerated.

We have indicate the best before consumed date on our back of our pastry to be 6 weeks for customer to enjoy the optimal freshness and flavor.

Is Sun Baker's Halal Certified?
No, our kitchen is NOT HALAL certified. However, all the ingredients used in our Suncake and Taiyangping pastry are from Halal-certified suppliers and have Halal certificates.

Is there any delivery charges for online order?
Yes, we have a S$10 local delivery fees for order less than S$50.