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The art of gifting meets the joy of freshly baked cookies.

Our curated bundles are designed to delight and surprise, featuring a harmonious blend of handcrafted gifts and delectable cookies baked to perfection.

From elegant gift boxes filled with an assortment of artisanal cookies to themed bundles paired with beautifully crafted accessories, each item is carefully selected to ensure a memorable and exclusive experience.

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Sun Bliss Collection
  • Teresa Ong

    "Individually packed. Mooncake is not sweet. Not oily. Lots of melon seeds in 1 mooncake. Nice!"

  • A Wee

    "I love the 太阳饼 here. Soft, flaky pastry with a just- nice sweet filling. This is my second buy and brought my niece here to buy 4 boxes to take home to the US, as a local treat from Sg. Thankfully, they had spare boxes! Steven, the Sun Baker also very generously gave us their mini mooncakes and cranberry flaky pastry. Very yummy. The mooncake is a bit sweet for me still, cos I'm cutting my sugar but I think for most people should be 👍. It's just me. 😊 "

  • Andrew Lim

    "Enjoyed their Original and Nutella Suncake! Flaky and buttery pastry with a decadent, sweet filling. Highly recommend"

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Revolutionizing the Art Of Giftings, where Innovation Meets Tradition

Our vision is to infuse lives with the positivity of sunshine through innovation.

Our Mission: Empower socially driven bakeries to scale their operations and reach a mass audience, all while maintaining the quality and integrity of their products.

Pause, breathe and indulge in life's moments, embracing the design of innovation with artful gourmet giftings.

The artistry of handcraft and the design of innovation converge to create a space of togetherness and happiness. we believe in blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to craft exquisite experiences that bring joy to every moment.