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Sun Bliss Jasmine Tea (Cold /Hot Brew) - 40g

Sun Bliss Jasmine Tea (Cold /Hot Brew) - 40g

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Unveil the essence of sophistication with our Premium Jasmine Red Tea. Handpicked red tea leaves, revered for their robust flavor, are seamlessly blended with fragrant jasmine blossoms, creating a symphony of taste and aroma in every cup.

Serving Suggestions - Cold Brew:

  1. Jasmine Red Tea Lemonade: Mix cold-brewed Jasmine Red Tea with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a hint of honey for a revitalizing jasmine-infused lemonade.

  2. Iced Jasmine Red Tea Latte: Combine cold-brewed Jasmine Red Tea with your favorite milk (dairy or plant-based) and a touch of vanilla syrup for a creamy and indulgent iced latte.

  3. Jasmine Red Tea Mocktail: Create a sophisticated mocktail by mixing cold-brewed Jasmine Red Tea with muddled mint, a splash of sparkling water, and a twist of orange peel.

Sip, savor, and celebrate the artistry of tea with our Premium Jasmine Red Tea – where every cup is a journey into the sublime. Whether you choose to enjoy it hot or explore the unparalleled experience of cold brewing, this tea promises to elevate your tea-drinking rituals to new heights.

Why is Sun Baker’s Cold Brew Jasmine tea unique?

• No need to steep in cold water for several hours; simply add normal room temperature or cold water and steep for 15 minutes to bring out the aroma and flavor.

• The base of our tea leaves is red tea instead of the traditional green tea. This tea combines the full-bodied flavor of black tea with the sweet, aromatic essence of jasmine flowers. It’s a delightful twist on classic jasmine tea and is best suited for women.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the Shelf life of our Sunshine Pastries?

    Normal Shelf life 6 to 8 weeks.

    The normal shelf life for dry biscuit with main ingredient of flour and butter with dry content such as our Sunshine Pastries with no raw egg ingredient can have a shelf life for several week to a few months when store properly (under cool normal temperature, not directly expose to heat & sunlight) Best to be refrigerated.

    We have indicate the best before consumed date on our back of our pastry to be 6 weeks for customer to enjoy the optimal freshness and flavor.

    Is Sun Baker's Halal Certified?
    No, our kitchen is NOT HALAL certified. However, all the ingredients used in our Suncake and Taiyangping pastry are from Halal-certified suppliers and have Halal certificates.

    Is there any delivery charges for online order?
    Yes, we have a S$10 local delivery fees for order less than S$50.