Mission & Our Craftmen

Sun Baker is Singapore's Baker Artistry Shop, where we offer a unique culinary journey, fostering unique cookies experience and creativity in artful giftings. Engage with skilled bakers and artists to turn dreams and visions into tangible masterpieces. More than a bakery, Sun Baker is a sanctuary for exploration and the celebration of artistry.

Our Mission

At Sun Baker, we believe that great cookies can fuel a greater purpose. Through collaborative effort, we transform our bakes into artistic gifts, empowering these creatives and uplifting individuals facing life and health challenges. We provide resources and a nurturing space for individuals to immerse themselves in the present while working through their health obstacles.

We strive to infuse joy, inspiration, and strength into every crafted creation, reminding us that we can find beauty amidst challenges.

Our vision

Create special memories through a unique fusion of flavors, artful creativity, and artistic gifting, infusing joy and strength into every creation.

 Our Movement:

Fusing tradition,creativity and identity to create a link to cultural narratives. We are committed to being a guiding force in the emerging era, providing a meaningful connection to cultural heritage through culture food and beverage. We strive to instill pride and stability in our community, encouraging the rediscovery and preservation of timeless traditions.

Our Craftmen:

Meet our talented team members:

Baker, Steven Poh: Hailing from Singapore and born in the 1970s, Steven is the elder son in his family. His journey into baking began early as he started helping out at the family bakery at just 9 years old. Despite facing numerous challenges, including hospitalizations, his passion for baking has only grown stronger over the years.

Artist, Jawn: An accomplished Singaporean artist, Jawn has dedicated two decades to teaching fashion at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore and spent ten years as a bridal gown designer. Her life has been marked by incredible resilience, from surviving a dramatic birth in a toilet to battling cancer since her thirties. Amidst ongoing cancer and kidney dialysis treatments, Sun Baker provides her with a temporary escape where she can find solace and inspiration.

Artist & Designer, Elza Evelyn Tian: A former top student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Elza pivoted to running a successful creative marketing agency before rediscovering her passion for art. She is currently gearing up for her solo exhibition scheduled for May 2025, marking a return to her roots as an artist.

Desiger, Elizabeth Ross: A versatile designer skilled in photography, visual design, and UI/UX design, Elizabeth sees design as a powerful tool for transforming challenges into opportunities. She plays a crucial role in Sun Baker, designing all the box packaging with a focus on providing meaningful and relevant solutions to enhance the customer experience.

Visionary Founder, Olivia: A technopreneur in her late fifties, has devoted the past three decades to robotics automation in food manufacturing and launching startups in two technologies. An introvert with a passion for chasing dreams and a deep appreciation for Chinese culture. Olivia's love for Chinese culture stems from her father, who passed away from cancer when she was 11.

She finds joy in simple, nostalgic foods from the past, inspiring her vision to merge culture with food by creating nostalgic cookies. Olivia dreams of bringing simple, automated Chinese nostalgic cookies to the world for everyone to enjoy while appreciate the story of our culture and art heritage.