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Opening door to Success with support from Beloved friends

Starting a retail shop in Singapore is a very challenging journey that required a lot of personal hard work, dedication and support from families and loved ones. As founders, we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and alone in pursuit what we believe to be a dream for us. For our baker, is a dream to provide a bigger house for the family, or an income stream to support oneself at our retired age for other co-founders.  Regardless of what the future outcome the journey took us, it is a grateful journey to have the support and encouragement of friends and loved ones.

On this day, 16 March 2023, we managed to put up the door signage and poster! This door signage may be simple, but is a reminder of the people who started this retail bakery business when we look back in the future. When we look at these door signage and poster every day, we are reminded of the people who believe in us and support us. Will like to thank you Patrick who blessed us with these door signage and poster. He printed free for us and deliver all the way to our shop! Will also like to thank Elizabeth who is a talented young designer who design the Red A4 poster for us. This smallest contribution can make a significant impact in us to remind ourselves that we are not alone in the start-up journey.

Friends who had come to visit us at the shop and purchased our SunBiscuits. They had even bought boxes of Suncakes to give to their friends to help us promote our Suncakes.

It is the sweet reunion and support which bring joys in our life. Even if you did not make it a big business in the future, this already been the most rewards we can reap out of setting up this business.

It is the support of loved ones and friends which bring a sense of fulfilment and joy that goes beyond financial success. While achieving success in business is undoubtedly a rewarding experience, the support of family and friends can provide us with a sense of purpose and meaning that is often more profound. Knowing that we have made our loved ones proud and that they are invested in our success together can be a source of great joy and satisfaction.

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