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Sun Bliss Blossom Mother's Day Gift Bundle

Sun Bliss Blossom Mother's Day Gift Bundle

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Sun Bliss Blossom - a delightful Mother's Day gift set brimming with warmth, sweetness, and elegance. This carefully curated collection is designed to bring joy and serenity to the special woman in your life, embodying the essence of blooming beauty and blissful moments.

🌞 Butter Big Suncake (6 pcs, 270g): French Butter Big Suncakes, the healthy indulgence.

🌟 Cranberry Suncake Soft Cookies (8 pcs, 280g): Healthy sour-sweet delights that bring blessings with every delicious nibble.

💖 Square Fashion Cotton ScarfWrap her in luxury with enchanting print options.
Avaibable with five enchanting print options

🌸 Eau De Perfume "Visionaire" ~ Limited 30 bottles only (20ml)
Musky Blossom of sweet wood and Jasmine Note       

🛍️ Sustainable Hardy Shopping Bag (40cm x 30cm x 14cm): As an added bonus, our gift bag doubles as a sustainable designer bag. 

Spoil the extraordinary women in your life with the "Sun Bliss Blossom" gift set this Mother's Day. It's the perfect way to show your love and appreciation, bringing moments of joy, beauty, and blissful serenity to her special day.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Shelf life of our Sunshine Pastries?

Normal Shelf life 6 to 8 weeks.

The normal shelf life for dry biscuit with main ingredient of flour and butter with dry content such as our Sunshine Pastries with no raw egg ingredient can have a shelf life for several week to a few months when store properly (under cool normal temperature, not directly expose to heat & sunlight) Best to be refrigerated.

We have indicate the best before consumed date on our back of our pastry to be 6 weeks for customer to enjoy the optimal freshness and flavor.

Is Sun Baker's Halal Certified?
No, our kitchen is NOT HALAL certified. However, all the ingredients used in our Suncake and Taiyangping pastry are from Halal-certified suppliers and have Halal certificates.

Is there any delivery charges for online order?
Yes, we have a S$10 local delivery fees for order less than S$50.